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System - Thursday, March 29, 2018

What are your thoughts on preventative a/c maintenance?

As an owner of rental properties would you like to spend $100 each spring to have the a/c checked out and the filters changed?

If so, would you then like to have us go again in September to change the filters again for another $65?

If we send an a/c company to do a maintenance check, are they 9 times out of 10, going to find a problem which will end up costing more than the initial $100?

Here is the basis for the question.

Tenants are told to change their filters monthly. When we inspect, we find they do not do this, no matter what we require. This could lead to costly repairs or replacement. Can I legally prove the tenant was negligent in changing the filters to charge them for the repair? Sometimes, but not often. Oftentimes the dirty filter is only part of the problem. If you have a home warranty, most of the time they will blame the tenant for the need of a replacement unit and deny the claim. It is a battle I encounter every summer. Or else they say the unit was not maintained preventatively and again deny the claim. This has been an ongoing issue with much debate. We would love to hear a few solutions and ideas to combat this problem.

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