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System - Monday, October 31, 2016

Fair Housing laws dictate that reasonable accommodations are made for both service animals and emotional support animals. What does this mean to Phoenix landlords? This means that these animals are not considered “pets.” If you have a no pet policy in your property, you must allow service or support animals. And if you typically charge a monthly pet fee or a one-time deposit, no fees or deposits can be charged for service or support animals.

You may ask for written verification from the tenant’s doctor stating the tenant is disabled and in need of a service/support animal. However, you cannot ask for specifics on their condition.

You may also require copies of the animal’s vet records showing they are licensed, in good health, and up to date on all vaccinations.

I occasionally come across falsified doctor’s letters from applicants trying to avoid paying a pet deposit, or trying to get around breed restrictions. You can buy anything online these days. My suggestion is; do your homework. A quick google search can tell you a ton. Call the doctor’s office on the letter to verify. If you are presented with a letter dated a year ago, request a current letter. If the applicant is legitimate, they will have no issue supplying you with the requested details.

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