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Real Estate as an Investment

The Valentine Group Manages Individual Properties and Portfolios for North American and International Real Estate Investors that regularly Averaged Returns Above the National Norm 

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Valentine has teamed with the Valentine Group as the strategic real estate partner offering premier hand-crafted solutions and services for our investors. Valentine made this move to benefit our investors and tenants in the next phase of their investments.  The Valentine Group offers investors real estate opportunities to fit your investment portfolio, with concierge services specific to your needs. 

Professional property investment firms that own thousands of rental properties aim for a 5%-7% return on their homes. Individual investors, who don't use a property management firm, should shoot for at least 10% because of the lower initial overhead, but average 5.5% due to bad tenants, lower rents, 24/7 repairs cost, and extended vacancies.  A real estate investor with 5 to 50 properties and uses professional property management should aim for 7% to 8% return.  

Valentine Group manages individual properties, as well as portfolios for real estate investors that regularly averaged above the national norm, as one stated publicly:

"As a group of investors from California we purchased 36 homes from Valentine several years ago and we cannot be more pleased with the portfolio. From the strategic purchase of the homes to the appreciation in value, from the personal attention to details to the professional management approach, Valentine has far exceeded our investor expectations. The 9% return rate generated by our portfolio supersedes the traditional bank returns by leaps and bounds." 

"We couldn't be happier!"

Craig S, CFO, California



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