Rental Sales Tax & Property Tax

Tax. The ugly “T” word! Here at Valentine we can handle this “yucky” task for you!

Rental Sales Tax

Arizona is one of the few states that imposes a rental tax on tenants in the U.S. If you own a rental property here then you are required to charge your tenant the designated sales tax percentage for the city in which the home is located.

This sales tax is charged to the tenant along with their rent and is considered a “passthrough” from their ledger to your account to the state of Arizona. This tax is due on the next to last business day of the following month.

For example: If the sales tax collected is on March’s rent then it is due on the next to last business day of the month of April.

If you have chosen Valentine as your Phoenix Property Management company, we are required to file the sales tax under our license on your behalf, therefore eliminating this complicated monthly task from your busy schedule.

Property Tax

If you are a home owner (regardless of where the home is located) and you do not have a mortgage, you are required to pay Uncle Sam property taxes twice a year. This tax is due as follows…

1st half is due on October 1st and is considered late after November 1st. The second half is due March 1st of the following year and is considered late after May 1st.

You can opt for Valentine to pay these for you by simply checking the Yes box on your New Owner Info sheet when you sign up for our management services. When the time comes to pay, we will retain the required amount from your monthly income, pay them online and print a receipt for your file. That’s it!