Home Owner’s Insurance

Owning rental properties is a very lucrative business and protecting your assets is your number one priority and ours as well! Your portfolio should have a good insurance company watching out for your best interests.

If you don’t have one or are looking to change companies, one of the “perks” of using Valentine Sales & Management to manage your rental portfolio is that we have a One Million Dollar umbrella policy with The Mahoney Group, located right here in Mesa, Arizona. They offer personalized service and we are one of their best clients!

Because we manage so many homes, we were fortunate enough to acquire this policy and therefore forward the possible savings onto you. If interested, please let us know and we will request a quote on your behalf.

Benefits of using The Mahoney Group:

  1. In the event you should need to file a claim (knock on wood), we can handle all the paperwork for you. You need not lift a finger! If needed, we can file a police report, meet the adjuster at the home, order the repairs once the claim has been accepted and follow up on payment.
  2. Make the payments on your behalf using the funds from your rental income with your authorization, of course. Our premiums are paid yearly and are due in May. Mahoney will prorate for the month’s remaining if you decide to jump on board after the annual due date. Even if you have your own carrier, we can still pay your premium for you. Simply have the company send the bill to our office and we will pay it. It’s that easy!

At sign up, it is very important that we receive a copy of your Home Owner’s Insurance Declaration page to have on file in the event of an occurrence.