Common HOA Violations

Below are common Violations people receive notices for and what to do to avoid them.


All yards must be maintained as to not have weeds at all. The HOA management companies will send out violation letters for 1 weed or multiple weeds.

Street Parking:

Most HOA’s do not allow street parking at any time. Vehicles must be parked in driveways or garage at all times. Some HOA’s have parking passes you can request, which would be done through us. These rules are so strict that if you are parked in the driveway, you must be parked completely in the driveway. If you are parked at all on the landscaping (the gravel to the side of the driveway) you will get a violation notice.

Trash/Recycle Cans:

Trash/Recycle cans are only allowed to be out on collection days. On non-collection days these need to be stored in the garage or behind a gate as to not be seen from neighboring properties.

Basketball Hoops:

If you have a basketball hoop, it can only be out and visible to neighboring properties when in use. When it is not in use, it must be stored in the garage or in the back yard laying down as to not be visible to neighboring properties.

Holiday Decorations:

Every HOA is different when it comes to what type of decorations you can have up during the holidays and the time frame they are allowed to be up. Please be sure to read that section of the CC&R’s to avoid violations.